The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

DELIRIUM (1972) ** ½

In this erotic Italian giallo, a doctor (Bloody Pit of Horror's Mickey Hargitay) helps the police track down a psycho killer. Little do they know that Hargitay is actually the killer. Hargitay knows what the audience wants to see and usually manages to strip his female victims before killing them. When he and his hot wife (the beautiful Rita Calderoni, who dreams of him strangling naked chicks in a torture dungeon) have foreplay, the sexy maid loves to watch and masturbate. We find out he is actually impotent and when his wife pleads with him to do anything to her, he tries to rape her. He's unable to go through with it and he looks in the mirror and calls himself a "Hyena!" a couple dozen times. Hargitay tries to turn himself in, but ANOTHER black gloved murderer is on the loose killing young women (the best is a drowning in a bathtub) which complicate matters. You can probably guess the identity of the other killer, though that won't bother you as much as the unsatisfying ending will. This was cut by over 17 minutes when released in America. Hargitay was also married to Jayne Mansfield.
Tags: d, horror
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