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Before directing such critically beloved fare as Gods and Monsters, Kinsey, and Dreamgirls, Bill Condon helmed this shitty sequel to the already shitty enough Candyman.  This time out, the hooked-handed Candyman (Tony Todd) is brought back to life in New Orleans (just in time for Mardi Gras) when a troubled kid says his name five time in the mirror.  The kid’s teacher (Kelly Rowan) has to deal with the supernatural boogeyman and she predictably learns (long after the audience has already guessed it) that she is a descendant of Candyman.  (Candyman likes a little cream in his coffee if you catch my drift.)  Of course, Candyman doesn’t kill her because she’s pregnant (which the audience also figures out long before she does) and he wants his bloodline to continue.  I think.


This flick is just a straight up mess.  Like the Freddy and Michael Myers sequels, this installment gives way too much background on the Candyman and ruins the mystique of the character.  All it does if further jumble up an already incoherent plotline.  The worst part of the movie though is the constant false scares.  Seriously, there had to have been like 27 false scares in this movie and all of them are punctuated by piercing screeching sound effects that will give you a headache.  Speaking of headaches, the movie also features an irritating Cajun DJ that provides idiotic narration throughout the flick.  This guy is so annoying you’ll want to just punch his fucking lights out.


Tony Todd’s performance is again the best thing this lame flick has to offer.  It doesn’t help that he’s barely in it.  Like the first movie, he mainly just kills people with his hook, but he spices things up in this one by unleashing a horde of killer bees out of his stomach.  No matter how awful Candyman 2 was, I still have to give screenwriter Rand (The Maker) Ravich some points for creativity as this is the only movie that I can think of in which a Sno-Cone salesman has all the valuable exposition on the film’s villain.  He also wrote some good dialogue like, “You’re next!  Groin to gullet!” too.

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