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HIS NAME WAS JASON (2009) ** ½

Daniel Farrands, the man who wrote what is probably the worst Halloween sequel ever made, directed this so-so documentary on the cinematic life and times of Jason Vorhees.  Farrands gathered a decent line-up of people associated with the Friday the 13th movies (from the original producer/director Sean S. Cunningham to the remake director Marcus Nispel) to sit and chat about the series and give their various takes about their experience in making the films as well as what Friday the 13th means to them.  All of the actors who’ve played Jason over the years also talk a bit about playing everyone’s favorite masked maniac.


As a die hard fan of the Friday the 13th series this was an OK trip down memory lane.  A lot of the material is regurgitated from Peter Bracke’s excellent book, Crystal Lake Memories and I’d highly suggest you read that instead of watching this doc.  At least that book interviewed Kevin Bacon, Steve Miner, Dana Kimmell, and Corey Feldman.  I could’ve also done without host Tom Savani’s constant mugging and the gratuitous promotion for the new remake.


What makes His Name Was Jason fun to watch though is seeing how well (or in some cases not so well) the females of the series have been preserved.  Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Deborah Vorhees, Lar Park Lincoln, and the two twins from Part IV all still look pretty good if you ask me, although I would’ve loved to see what Kirsten Baker from Part 2 looks like now.  His Name Was Jason isn’t the definitive documentary that fans of the series might’ve hoped for (I really wished Farrands had concentrated more on each individual film instead of painting the series in one broad stroke), but it’s a fun way to kill 90 minutes.  All in all, it’s more of a glorified DVD extra than anything else. 

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