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THE DESCENT (2006) **

The Descent is one of those movies where you have to sit restlessly through the first half of the flick which only exists to pad the running time and act as one long build up to mass murder and carnage. The flick’s fatal flaw is that the first half of the movie revolves around a group of women who crawl around in a dusty cave and talk in snooty accents and wear clothes that stay on their persons at all times. This approach worked back in 1979 when Alien did it so well because the effects were excellent and director Ridley Scott squeezed out every bit of dread he could before turning the place into one big slimy orgy of extraterrestrial terror. Here director Neil (Dog Soldiers) Marshall can only do so much to make spelunking interesting. If the women involved at least took their clothes off or had some hot lesbian sex, the first half of the movie could have been salvaged, but alas, what we get for the first 45 minutes is like a head on collision of a Discovery Channel special and a Lifetime Drama of the Week.

Once the humanoid albino rodent monsters (they look like Gollum on steroids) come out of the shadows and start chomping down on their living lunch meat, the movie succeeds in entertaining. The gore for this kind of thing is above average, but in a day and age where the ratings board is so lax that they let balls out gore flicks like Hostel be released more or less unfettered, it all seems kinda tame. Marshall does give us one or two “jump” scares that mainly revolve around some kind of accidental mutilation (the opening car wreck, a dream sequence and a nasty broken leg). As recent horror imports from other countries go, it’s better than High Tension or Wolf Creek. Hey, at least it’s better than The Cave.
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