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SASSY SUE (1973) ** ½

A redneck moonshiner gets his kicks by “shucking” the corn of his freshly legal neighbor’s daughter Dolly (Sharon Kelly of Delinquent Schoolgirls fame).  Since the moonshiner’s son Junior has a cow fucking problem, dear old dad figures that a roll in the hay with hottie Dolly will cure him of his farm animal inclinations.  Unfortunately, Junior ties a bell around poor Dolly’s neck, makes her moo, and fucks her cow style.  Afterwards, Pops beds down another red-headed cutie (Sandy Carey from Deep Jaws) and convinces her (along with her appropriately slutty sister) to give Junior a whirl in the sack and Junior promptly fizzles in bed due to premature ejaculation.  In the end, Junior professes his love for Sassy Sue, the family cow and his folks take the news surprisingly well.


Sassy Sue is pretty funny and is a lot more consistently entertaining than director Bethel Buckalew’s similarly themed The Pig Keeper’s Daughter, which was released the same year.  Unlike that film, the sex scenes in Sassy Sue are much more fun and feature a lot of variety.  Besides the kinky scene where Kelly is made to moo like a cow, we also get some lesbian bathing, a couple of threeways, and some light S & M.  The comic relief actually made me chuckle and the subplot about Pa making “custom made” toilet seats is a hoot.


I’m not saying that this flick is great; not by a long shot.  The stuff that happens in between the sex is kinda dull and even though some of the shtick is sorta funny, it wears out its welcome pretty fast.  What really makes Sassy Sue a (pubic) hair or two better than most of its type is the actresses.  Both Kelly and Carey are extremely hot and get lots of opportunities to show off their fire crotches.  Although I was a little disappointed that Kelly only stayed around for two scenes, she left a big impression on me (or at least my pants), so it was all good.

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