The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE DEVIL BAT (1941) ****

Of all the cheapie movies Bela Lugosi did in the 40’s, this is his best. It was made by PRC, Producers Releasing Company (sometimes referred to as Poverty Row because of their miniscule budgets). It’s similar in some ways to The Phantom Creeps, a serial which also starred Lugosi. Bela stars as Dr. Caruthers, a vengeful scientist who kills people in the nuttiest way ever seen on the silver screen. He gives his victims aftershave and after they put it on, they become targets of Lugosi’s giant ass bat. It hates the smell of the lotion and rip’s out the wearer’s throat! Pure demented genius! The capper is Lugosi saying “goodbye” to his victims with a shit eating grin moments before turning his bat loose on them! It all end when the hero Dave (Reefer Madness!) O’Brien splashes Bela with the aftershave and he gets taken out by his own bat. A hoot from start to finish. Lugosi chews the scenery with glee and gets some cool inner monologues too. Director Jean Yarbrough also did many Abbott and Costello movies.
Tags: d, horror, lugosi
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