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Nowadays it’s generally accepted that former Saturday Night Live cast members make shitty movies, but this was the first (and last) cinematic turd from John Belushi.  While everyone hates on 1941, I still kinda dug it, even though it was long and disjointed.  That film’s director Steven Spielberg also produced this flick (it was the first film under his Amblin banner) and although the ‘Berg has definitely produced worse, it was a sign of crap to come.


Belushi plays a fat dumb reporter from Chicago who wears a stupid hat that goes to the Rockies to do a story on a butch chick (Blair Brown) who has a thing for eagles.  Predictably, they fall in love and have a bunch of sex on a train.  (You only get to see ONE brief side shot of her nipple though.)


The script was written by Lawrence Kasdan, the man who wrote The Empire Strikes Back.  What he was smoking when he wrote this, I don’t know.  Basically Belushi climbs mountains, eats, gets injured, sleeps, falls in love, and writes for two hours.  None of this is funny in the least and the love story angle is palpable at best.  And don’t even get me started on the dumb subplot concerning a horny mountain man either.  The two leads have ZERO chemistry together and they are totally lost in Kasdan’s idiotic script. 


Belushi died the next year of a drug overdose.  (It’s certainly apparent that he was on something during this movie.)  Thankfully, the overdose prevented him from making any more shitty movies like this one.

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