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Andrea Bianchi, the man who directed Burial Ground, the best Italian zombie movie ever made, was at the helm of this so-so giallo starring Edwige (Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key) Fenech.  After a pregnant model dies during a back alley abortion, a psycho in a motorcycle helmet starts running around murdering anyone associated with her.  Thankfully for the audience, most of the victims are all hot naked Italian chicks.


I’m a big fan of Italian giallos so this flick went down pretty smooth, despite the erratic pacing and sluggish beginning.  I also have a particular weakness for movies in which the killer wears a motorcycle helmet (Night School, Nail Gun Massacre, etc.), so it was easy for me to forgive this flick for its many trespasses.  The highlight of the flick comes when the killer stalks his victim while she’s totally nude for a good four minutes or so.  It’s not quite up there with the similar scene from My Bloody Valentine 3-D, but it comes pretty close.


Yes, the stalking scenes where the killer (who has a running water fetish) preys upon naked chicks are pretty awesome but everything in between is more or less a waste of celluloid.  It also doesn’t help that all of the murders are nearly identical (the killer just stabs people in their abdomen) and that one of the victims is a tubby guy with a hairy back.  That’s okay though because any movie that ends with a comic scene of the hero putting it in his girlfriend’s ass so he won’t get her pregnant is alright by me.

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