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Here’s a ripe slice of early 90’s Sci-Fi crap.  A smarmy college professor is doing research where he puts stupid students into his sensory depravation chamber and makes them watch a bunch of cheesy computer generated images (it looks like scrambled porn) that makes them go bonkers and kill people until they eventually commit suicide.  One guy hangs his girlfriend with a towel before he cracks and jumps out the window.  Another girl has a freak out while in a car wash (the suds turns to blood) and then murders her boyfriend at a costume party later that night.  Then a slutty chick uses her Lee Press-On Nails to Freddy Krueger a couple people to death. 


Brain Twisters consists of about 2% plot, 3% of credits, and 95% of cinematic beating-around-the-bush.  The death scenes certainly liven things up, but gore is half-assed (it’s PG-13, so what was I expecting) and the computer effects are horrendous.  Since the kills are relatively bloodless and none of the ladies in the cast has the good sense to get naked, there’s really little to recommend about this flick, except to see some horribly dated 90’s fashions.  (God, I know I’m getting old when I see some jackass in a shitty movie from the 90’s wearing a leather vest over top a white T-Shirt and I start reminiscing about my high school wardrobe.) 


The dumb cop on the case gets the best line of the movie when he says, “He’s got a lot of brains all right… and they’re all in his lab!”

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