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The Inner Sanctum was a series of mystery novels that eventually became a popular radio program.  It was only a matter of time before Hollywood got a hold of the franchise.  Universal Pictures produced six Inner Sanctum Mysteries in all, with The Frozen Ghost being the fourth in the series.


Usual Universal utility man Lon Chaney Jr. stars as Gregor the Great, a famed hypnotist who inadvertently kills a man with his mind during a stage performance.  After all of the negative publicity, he leaves his sidekick (and fiancée) Evelyn Ankers to find solace in a spooky wax museum.  The proprietor ends up dead and of course, Chaney is blamed and has to clear his name. 


The Frozen Ghost is a watchable enough hour-long programmer that benefits from a strong cast.  Chaney is a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing him paired up yet again with his Wolf Man co-star Ankers.  The supporting players were equally fine with Martin Kosleck putting in a great turn as the nuttier-than-an-elephant-turd wax museum worker with a shady past.  Douglass Dumbrille also did a good job as the Shakespeare spouting detective who helps Chaney nab the real murderer.


Overall, The Frozen Ghost is pretty atmospheric but it gets far too predictable as it goes along.  Although the wax museum sets are appropriately cool, what happens there isn’t really all that interesting.  Even though the movie more or less shoots its wad early on, if you’re a Chaney fan (like me), his performance alone is enough of a recommendation.

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