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Russ (West Side Story) Tamblyn stars as an undercover cop posing as a teenage marijuana dealer (making this the 21 Jump Street of it’s day) who is out to bust the drug trade at an All-American school.  He moves in on the teenage gang (called “The Wheeler-Dealers”) led by John Drew Barrymore and eventually has to shoot heroin to prove he’s a real juvenile delinquent. 


Directed by Jack (The Creature from the Black Lagoon) Arnold, High School Confidential is a campy and entertaining juvenile delinquent movie.  It’s got more than its share of lulls and while it’s not great or anything, how can you possibly not like a movie that contains:


  • Jerry Lee Lewis playing piano and singing the title tune on the back of a pickup truck.


  • Mamie Van Doren as the sexed-up auntie who tries to seduce her juvenile delinquent nephew.  (“Relatives should always kiss each other hello and goodbye!”)


  • Marijuana dealers that would look at home in Reefer Madness.  (“I’m grazing for grass!”)


  • Terrible beatnik poetry.  (“Tomorrow is Dragsville.  Tomorrow is a King-Sized Drag!”)


  • Michael (I Was a Teenage Werewolf) Landon as a drag racer.


  • Jackie (Uncle Fester!!!) Coogan as a heroin pusher.


  • Lyle (Plan 9 from Outer Space) Talbot as a square-jawed policeman.


  • More slang than you can shake a stick at.  (“Can you dig it?”)
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