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I was never a big fan of The Smothers Brothers.  To me, they were always kinda weak, especially compared to the antics of their contemporaries Rowan and Martin from Laugh-In.  Well, Tommy Smothers (the jackass that played with the yo-yo) stars in this inept and unfunny all-star comedy as an ad executive who gets conked on the noggin and starts seeing an apparition of Twiggy running around dressed as a flapper.  Since his daughter is getting married, his erratic behavior (talking to thin air, dancing by himself, etc.) gets his future in-laws understandably worried.


The cast (including Phil Silvers, Jim Backus, Broderick Crawford, and Martin Balsam) are absolutely stellar; in other movies.  Smothers looks completely lost without his show biz brother and flounders in this leading role.  His twitchy, stuttering performance will get on your damn nerves in record time and you’ll be rooting for him to experience excruciating pain at regular intervals throughout the film.  There Goes the Bride was based on a stage play and it often shows.  It feels claustrophobic and desperate and there isn’t a single laugh to be had anywhere in the flick.


I find most movies about weddings to be more or less intolerable.  Having the painfully annoying Tommy Smothers dancing around with an imaginary Twiggy like they’re fucking Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers just makes it that much harder to bear.  Director Terry Marcel also directed the much better Hawk the Slayer the same year.

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