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Elizabeth Taylor stars as a mentally deranged woman who goes to Rome and is doggedly tracked by Interpol agents.  She also brushes off a greasy lothario, argues with a maid, goes shopping with an old biddie, watches a car blow up, and finally convinces a dude to tie her up, rape her, and stab her to death.  At one point Liz says, “Have you ever seen something so stupid?”  That about sums it up.


Liz wears garish make-up, bizarre costumes and acts crazy as a loon throughout the picture.  The things she says (“When I orgasm, I ORGASM!”) and does (like stripping down to her nightie and rubbing on her titties) are pretty outrageous in this flick, so if you’re a die hard Liz fan whose tastes run towards the campy side, you’re going to love it. 


Any other sane person is going to have a tough time sitting through this meandering mess.  The plot is confusing (purposefully I assume) and the supporting cast is lame.  Only Andy Warhol, who has a brief cameo as an English lord leaves much of an impression, but he’s only on screen for about a minute or so.  Basically this movie only exists as a vehicle for an out-of-her-gourd Liz to act like a batty bitch for 100 minutes.  Ultimately, those cheesy White Diamonds commercials are a lot funnier.


Naturally, Liz gets the best line of the movie when she asks a random guy, “You look like Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.  Do you want to eat me?”


AKA:  Identikit.  AKA:  Psychotic.

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