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This is pretty much a rip off of the Stephen King short story, The Monkey. During a séance, an evil spirit gets into a wind-up toy monkey and burns the place to the ground. It later winds up (no pun intended) at a junk store and a family buys it for their son’s birthday. Every time the monkey hits it’s cymbals something dies. First flies, then plants and the goldfish buy the farm, then the family dog. The monkey’s eyes glow when it orders the stepmother to kill the son and when it tries to kill the dad in the shower. The family tries to get rid of the monkey, but it keeps coming back. In the laughable ending, the father takes it out in the desert and tries to bury it in the sand, but the ground opens up and tries to swallow him. There’s also An American Werewolf in London inspired dream sequences, the funniest involves someone in a bad Halloween werewolf mask puking blood into dad’s face. The only way you could find this tedious thriller scary is if you have a severe fear of antique toy monkeys. Scenes from this movie later turned up in Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders.
Tags: d, horror, mst3k
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