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THE LAST BOY SCOUT (1991) ****

The Last Boy Scout is one of the true unsung classics of the 90's.  And I'm not talking about classic action movies either; I mean classic MOVIES period.  It's one of star Bruce Willis' and director Tony Scott's all time best.  It's a lean, mean, thrill machine that's cheerfully violent and nihlistic.  It's also fucking hilarious.


The plot has a down-and-out detective (Willis) teaming up with a washed-up football player (Damon Wayans) to stop a corrupt team owner (Noble Willingham) from assassinating a senator.  Most of that doesn't matter though.  The movie only exists to showcase some truly awesome action sequences and hilarious one-liners.   This movie is so over the top that it plays just as well as a straight up comedy as it does an action movie.  This is the kind of flick where a bad guy just can't fall off a high ledge; he's got to fall into the whirling blades of a helicopter.  There's also a great Monday Night Football parody that has to be seen to be believed.  The flick moves at a lightning pace and screenwriter Shane (Lethal Weapon) Black's dialogue is deliriously foul and highly quotable.  ("I think I fucked a squirrel to death and don't even remember it!") 


Bruce and Damon have a great rapport with one another and bounce a stream of endless insults off of each other.  Next to his performance(s) as John McClane in Die Hard, this is my favorite Willis performance.  He's simply terrific and makes you really care about his scumbag character.  Damon is equally good in his semi-dramatic scenes and it's a shame his later films didn't live up to this one.  The supporting cast is equally fine.  We get Taylor Negron acting cool as shit as the slimy henchman, a young Halle Berry as an ill-fated go-go dancer, as well as a pre-Tae-Bo Billy Blanks as a football player who guns down the opposing team on the gridiron.


This is just one of those movies that I just can't say enough good things about.  No matter how much I tell you about this movie, the only way to truly appreciate The Last Boy Scout is to watch it for yourself and have a kick ass time.


Scott's next was True Romance, which incredibly is even better.

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