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Bridget Fonda stars in this Americanized remake of La Femme Nikita from criminally underrated director John (Blue Thunder) Badham as a junkie slut who kills a cop in cold blood.  Fed Gabriel Byrne sees potential in her, so he fakes her death and sends her away to a special school to be an assassin.  There she learns Kung Fu, weapons training, and umm... manners from Anne Bancroft.  She graduates by performing a hit in a classy restaurant and is then sent off to Venice Beach to await further orders.  It is there where Bridget predictably falls in love with a photographer (Dermont Mulroney) and tries to start a new life for herself.  Naturally though, she still has to blow people away in between romantic interludes with her boyfriend. 


The great cast helps to elevate Point of No Return from the myriad of middling remakes Hollywood churned out in the 90's.  Fonda does a fine job in the lead and carries the film nicely despite being woefully miscast.  Byrne is equally good and he and Fonda have considerable chemistry together.  It's Harvey Keitel who really steals the movie though with his brief but memorable role as "The Cleaner" who ties up all the loose ends after Bridget botches a job.


Badham is one of those directors that have an invisible style, which gives the film's action sequences a more realistic edge to them.  Badham doesn't dress up the action in a Hollywood way and the film is all the better for it.  Point of No Return is fairly efficient and entertaining, but in the end, it's kinda predictable and a bit forgettable.  The lame lovey-dovey subplot is groan inducing (the ravioli scene is particularly nauseating) and probably knocks things down a notch or two.  It's still worth a look if you're an action fan who loves seeing a hot chick kick a little ass.


AKA:  The Assassin.

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