The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BLOOD HOOK (1987) ½ *

Jim Mallon, the man who produced the cult classic TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, got his start by directing this insipid horror flick that was later picked up by Troma.  It's all about a bunch of fucking idiots going to Wisconsin on vacation who get murdered by a maniac (who has a metal plate in his head) that uses a fishing pole to reel in his victims. 


Just about every review of this movie I read beforehand commented on the irony of one of the founding members of Mystery Science Theater, the paragons of making fun of bad movies, actually made a MST-worthy film himself.  I hate to be THAT guy, but Blood Hook is far worse than 95% of the films show on MST3K.  Maybe Mallon felt that by producing Mystery Science Theater, he was atoning for directing this shit heap.


Mallon exhibits ZERO style behind the camera and all of the death scenes are thoroughly lame and interchangeable to boot.  All of the "actors" are grating and annoying and will get on your damn nerves in record time.  The inept gore effects are just as amateurish and are few and far between.  This flimsy premise wouldn't have even cut it as part of an anthology, let alone a 92 minute movie.  It just goes to show you why there aren't more killer fishermen movies out there.  (It makes I Know What You Did Last Summer look like Halloween in comparison.)

Tags: b, horror, troma
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