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David (Mister Deathman) Broadnax stars and produced this middling Troma flick   There are no zombies (except for one who briefly appears during a fake voodoo ceremony), but luckily there is an island and plenty of people getting massacred.  The plot has a bunch of vacationers setting foot on the titular island where they all get picked off one by one by a killer wearing a costume made up of grass, weeds, and leafs.  In the weak ending we learn that the killer is just a drug dealer trying to get his hands on a briefcase full of cash.


The flick is mostly remembered as a vehicle for Rita Jenerette, who apparently was a wife of a scandalous senator or something.  I'm not really sure about that, but I do know one thing:  She has a great rack.  While her "acting" talents ain't much, Rita is at least smart enough to show off her puppies in the shower and while having sex.  Consequently, her exquisite frame is easily the best thing about this ho-hum horror flick.  The death scenes are pretty decent as well and include strangulation, bamboo traps, limb hacking, impalement, machete to the head, and decapitation. 


The film starts off rather promising as a lot of people bite the dust before the halfway mark.  Unfortunately, things slow down considerably once the tourists find their way to the abandoned mansion in the jungle where the killer lives.  Sure, the film is more or less shitty and boring, but the kills and titties are there, and let's be honest; that's why you watch a movie called Zombie Island Massacre.  (I do have to knock off a half-star for not having any zombies in it though.)  The score was done by Harry Manfredini and if you've heard his score from Friday the 13th, you'll pretty much hear the same thing here, except Harry adds some native drumming in with the screeching violins. 

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