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OK, so my wife is knocked up (and yes, the baby IS mine... I think) and to help educate her and I on the whole birthing thing, she Netflixed this documentary about how hospitals try to rush women out of the ER so that the doctors can go play golf.  It also documents how the health care industry frowns upon midwifes and basically treats them like lepers.  We get to see women having home births under the care of a midwife and it's some pretty fascinating shit in a Discovery Channel sort of way.  One chick squats down and queefs her kid out and another woman gives birth in a kiddie pool.  Host Ricki Lake is even shown giving birth at home in her own bathtub.


As a straight-up documentary, the film will be somewhat polarizing as it's sorta one-sided.  The anti-midwife doctors all seem like douches (grainy Faces of Death style hospital footage is incorporated to show how barbaric doctors can be) while the midwifes are all portrayed as knowledgeable, earthy, and spiritual women.  If you're the kid who laughed all the way through all those birth-of-a-baby filmstrips in high school, you're going to have a field day with this flick.  There are about six birthing sequences and they're all pretty great.  (One chick's cooch stretches A LOT to accommodate a baby.)  Celebrity Skin enthusiasts will go ga-ga over the footage of a totally naked Ricki Lake giving birth.  She also breastfeeds a couple times, so if you're into Milk Maid shit, you'll get a total boner from that too.


My wife watched all of this as if it was a snuff movie or something.  Watching her watch it was almost more entertaining than the movie itself.  I can't say it was quite Four Star material, but there were plenty of nekkid wimmen in it, so I liked it just fine.

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