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The previews for this movie made it look like it was going to be The Player or something.  It looked like a pretty funny Hollywood insider spoof and featured such guys like Bruce Willis and Sean Penn playing themselves.  The problem is its not very funny and it's just plain boring to boot.


Robert DeNiro stars as a harried producer (based on Art Linson) who tries to juggle a potentially disastrous flop (starring Penn), a failed married (to Penn's wife, Robin Wright Penn), and an egotistical Bruce Willis who refuses to shave his Grizzly Adams beard for his latest picture.  That's pretty much it. 


The whole movie is basically DeNiro talking on his blue tooth to the studio head, then going to the editing room to fix his movie, then talking on the blue tooth to an agent, and then going to see his ex-wife.  And it goes on like that for two hours.  I think I laughed about three or four times.  That's about it.


I should have known what I was in for when I saw that Barry Levinson was the director.  Maryland native or not, the man has not made a good movie since Sleepers and that was over a decade ago.  He's really bad when it comes to these half-assed unfunny comedies.  This one makes Jimmy Hollywood look like Citizen Kane.  It's no Young Sherlock Holmes, I'll tell you that.


FYI:  The whole not-shaving-the-beard bit was actually based on Alec Baldwin's prima donna bitchiness while making The Edge.

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