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I LOVE YOU, MAN (2009) ***

I really like Paul Rudd and I really like Jason Segel, so I was inclined to like I Love You, Man right from the start, no matter how dopey, trite, and cliché the flick got.  Believe you me, things get dopey, trite and cliché in this flick, but the duo's chemistry really keeps things afloat.


The flick centers around Rudd's character who is a total wuss that doesn't have any guy friends.  He's the kind of dude who makes hot chocolate for his fiancée and her friends when they're having a girls' night.  It's pathetic.  So he decides to go on some "man-dates" to find a best friend so he can have a best man at the wedding.  He meets Segel and all the usual romantic comedy clichés happen except instead of a guy falling in love with a girl, it's two dudes in a platonic relationship. 


Since the whole movie is gearing up towards a wedding, it's pretty lame and hard to watch from a dude's perspective.  Luckily, Rudd and Segel are funny as shit together, especially whenever they are hanging in Segel's "Man-Cave".  The film suffers whenever the two aren't on screen together, but when they are, it's damn good times.  The film does lose some points for the non-stop Rush music though.  God they suck. 


What's even worse is that the band actually appears and plays that one Rush song that sounds like every other Rush song.  That's OK though because any movie that features a gratuitous Lou Ferrigno cameo is alright by me.  (Wait, Hulk had a gratuitous Lou Ferrigno cameo and that sucked nuts, so never mind.)

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