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Carnival of Blood was Burt (Rocky) Young's first movie.  He plays Gimpy, a scarred, hunchbacked carnie who works on Coney Island assisting the dart thrower.  People who end up having a run-in with the duo inevitably end up getting killed later on.  Is Gimpy the killer, or is it his slightly unbalanced, bug-eyed boss who has a mother fixation?  You figure it out.


This flick originally played on double bill with Curse of the Headless Horseman, which is also from director Leonard Kirtman.  It's not very good and is downright boring in some spots, but the gore is fairly decent.  (It's a fuck of a lot better than Curse of the Headless Horseman, that's for sure.)  There is a cool scene where a couple goes through a haunted house and end up being decapitated.  Then another girl gets stabbed in the stomach under the pier.  The best kill though comes when an extremely annoying woman gets her eyes and tongue ripped out in an alley.  We also get a pretty funny scene where the teddy bear obsessed killer stuffs his bears with human guts.


The gore scenes, when they finally do come, are a lot of fun.  Mostly though, the movie is just long scenes of Gypsy fortune telling and people trying to pop balloons with darts in hopes of winning a teddy bear.  There's also a horrendous musical score that literally put me to sleep too.  Carnival of Blood will probably be too dull for most viewers to handle but since I'm a huge Rocky fan, it was fun for me to see Uncle Paulie making his screen debut.  He's clearly better than any of the other amateurish cast members and it looks like he took his role very seriously.  While Young went on to do the Rocky movies, Kirtman went on to do porn, directing such titles as Princess Seka, Inside Desiree Cousteau, and Tongue n' Cheek


AKA:  Death Rides a Carousel.

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