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A bunch of dirty hippies have a party in an old barn where they dance endlessly and have sex.  One girl almost gets raped by a dude and a meek birdwatcher steps in to save her.  After the party, the hippie chick's car runs out of gas, and she (along with her redheaded lesbian pal) seeks shelter in the birdwatcher's home.  It doesn't take too long to figure out that this guy has several screws loose and pretty soon, the girls become unwilling participants in the demented birdwatcher and his crone of a sister's bizarre sexual experiments.  You see, this dude is looking for the perfect "Love Mate" and guess who he has in mind for his "research"?  He also keeps stuffed naked chicks in his basement (previous research subjects who "resisted") that his hairy handyman constantly fondles.  After being subjected to several experiments, the girls finally escape while the preserved hotties in the cellar return to life to get their revenge on the nutty birdwatcher.  Incredibly, it all ends with more hippie dancing.


The scenes that take place "behind locked doors" at the house of the depraved birdwatcher are pretty good and feature a nice amount of nudity and sleaze.  If there were more outlandish sex experiments and general nuttiness, the movie would've been a lot better.  Then there are the scenes of non-stop hippie dancing.  These scenes will probably cause you permanent brain damage.  Seriously people, did we really need TWENTY SOLID MINUTES of dirty hippies shaking their groove things?  I think not.  Plus, the scene where the fat lustful birdwatcher (who looks like Henry Kissinger) oils himself up won't do your sanity any favors either.  But look on the bright side folks, lots of girls get naked, so that's always a good thing in my book.


AKA:  Any Body... Any Way.  AKA:  Behind Closed Doors.  AKA:  Then Came the Ecstasy.

Tags: b, exploitation
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