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THE SINFUL DWARF (1973) ** ½

A poor British couple rent a room from a skeevy old scarred up landlady and her demented dwarf son in a rundown part of town.  They're totally unaware that the mother and son duo keep a trio of naked junkie hookers locked up in the attic and that the lecherous little person spies on them while they make love.  Naturally, the dwarf and his fugly mama set their sights on turning the cute Brit chick into their newest playmate.


I more or less dug The Sinful Dwarf but there was something missing that I just couldn't put my finger on.  Sure, the flick had more than it's share of sleaze.  The film was certainly ripe with scenes where smacked out naked heroin hookers got their brains balled out by indifferent johns and the scene where the titular dwarf got downright sinful on the helpless chained up housewife was quite the crowd pleaser.  There was also a great part where a drug dealer named Santa Claus smuggles heroin inside of teddy bears! 


As great as all of this sounds, I just can't quite give The Sinful Dwarf the full Three Stars treatment.  Maybe it's because of the stiff acting from the bland romantic leads.  Maybe it's because of the endless scenes where the dwarf's mother dresses up and sings like Marlene Dietrich and Carmen Miranda.  Maybe it's because of the way that the filmmakers crassly exploited the diminutive dude's handicap.  Maybe it was a combination of all three.  I don't know.  Close, but no cigar.  Still, if you're watching this flick under the sole auspices of seeing women stripped, chained up, shot up with junk, and balled (and yes, once by a dwarf), then this is definitely the movie for you.


AKA:  Abducted Bride.  AKA:  Teenage Bride.

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