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Guys, if you dragged your girlfriend to see Superman Returns and she makes you see this as penance, I’m sorry but you’re fucked. It’s bad. Anne (Ella Enchanted) Hathaway stars as a mousy chick that gets a job as an assistant to a “dragon lady” fashion publisher (Meryl Streep) in New York in this grating chick flick based on Lauren Weisberger’s hit novel. If you guessed the homely Hathaway will gain a keen fashion sense, gradually gain respect from her boss, spurn her friends for her job and eventually learn the error of her ways, you get a cookie. The biggest problem with this atrocity is that Streep, who seems like Cruella DeVille after an overdose of Zanax isn’t really that mean or nasty, just uncaring and aloof. It also hurts that she and Hathaway have zero chemistry and rarely appear in the same shots with one another. Stanley (Big Night) Tucci, Adrian (Cecil B. Demented) Grenier and Simon (Land of the Dead) Baker (who unfortunately doesn’t gun down any zombies in this flick) co-star.
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