The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


This is another bad softcore sex comedy from producer Manuel Conde. The first 20 minutes has the U.S. President calling various countries’ leaders (all of whom are in the middle of fucking) to try to resolve an international crisis. We learn at a summit meeting that the Prez inadvertently sterilized the male population of the world and the search goes out to find fertile males, who they name “Dicktators”. The rest of the movie consists of softcore scenes of the Dicktators getting it on with women. A “Jewish faggot” has sex in drag with a chick, a “fat Jap” gets it on with two Oriental women, a “perverted Latin” farmer has to pretend he’s fucking a sheep to get it up, a Russian Dicktator fucks a woman after she swims fully clothed in a pool, and in the last, most tasteless segment, a black woman refuses to be impregnated by a black man so he rapes her. In the “HUH?!?” ending the President is revealed to be a robot! This truly tasteless and unfunny movie is somebody’s idea of a “satire” but it only succeeds in being stupid, unsexy and offensive.
Tags: comedy, d, exploitation
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