The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

A DIRTY SHAME (2004) ***

Director John Waters yet again tramples on good taste with probably his most outrageous movie since Pink Flamingos (and that’s saying something!). Tracey Ullman gets hit on the head and instantly becomes a sex addict. Johnny Knoxville is Ray-Ray, the local sex guru (whose motto is “Let’s go sexin’!”) who leads his disciples into finding a new act of sexual deviance. Selma Blair is Ullman’s daughter, Ursula Udders who has “criminally enlarged” breasts and Chris Isaac is her concerned husband. Knoxville and company wage war against the prudish neighbors (known as “Neuters”) and it all ends with Knoxville’s head exploding in a fountain of semen! It’s mind numbingly in bad taste, but that’s what you want from a Waters’ movie. It runs out of steam in the third act, and gets kinda repetitive, but any movie where David Hasselhoff’s shit is a major plot point is ok by me. With Waters’ regulars Mink Stole and Patricia Hearst. Like all of Waters’ films, it was filmed in Baltimore. Rated NC-17.
Tags: comedy, d, john waters
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