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DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D. (1982) ****

Since us greedy Americans re-titled Zombie Holocaust and slapped it with this much better and more exploitative title, lots of people have seen it. In my opinion, it’s the best Italian cannibal movie ever made. There’s everything you could possibly want in a movie and more! There’s gut munching, hand chopping, heart ripping, severed heads, impalements, a classic machete to the brain, an outboard motor to the face, eyeball eating and worse of all, practicing medicine without a license!

Zombie star Ian McCulloch goes to the jungle to find a quack doctor who graphically mutilates his victims and lives amongst the cannibals. In the film’s most grueling scene, he operates on a female patient who’s still conscious and when her screaming gets to be too much for the good doctor, he cuts out her vocal cords! He says, “I could easily kill you now, but I need your brain!”

Pure genius!

In the end, his lab burns to the ground and the cannibals for once get a cooked meal. The unrelated opening scene was taken from a student film by Roy (Document of the Dead) Frumkes that was thrown in by the producers for no good reason whatsoever!

AKA: Zombie Holocaust.
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