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The original Xtro was one crazy fucking Sci-Fi movie that featured a lot of grossout moments and icky special effects.  This dumb sequel has nothing to do with Xtro.  It has everything to do with sucking.


A group of scientists led by Tara (The Cannonball Run) Buckman create a teleportation device that can transport people into an alternate dimension.  After one experiment goes bad, she calls on a recluse scientist played by Jan-Michael (Airwolf) Vincent to consult because he’s the only one who survived a trip to “the other side”.  After the body of one of the scientists is retrieved from the machine, she is put into quarantine.  Pretty soon though, a giant monster erupts from her abdomen and takes to hiding in the ventilation shafts.  Occasionally, the monster pops out of the ceiling to pick off the cast one by one until Vincent blows it up in the stupid finale.


Director Harry Bromley Davenport must’ve completely forgotten how to make a good movie in the seven years in between this pile of shit and the original Xtro.  You could say a lot of things about the first movie but you have to admit that it was pretty original and full of surprises.  Xtro 2 on the other hand is nothing more than a predictable, lifeless, and idiotic Alien rip-off.  You’ve got the strong (and slightly butch) heroine, the monster jumping out of someone’s chest, the hard-assed multi-ethnic soldiers of fortune, the cowardly guy who works for “the company”, etc., etc., etc.


The cast pretty much stinks to high heaven but special mention must be given to Jan-Michael Vincent.  His performance is among the worst I’ve ever seen in a years-later-completely-unrelated-Sci-Fi-sequel.   At all times he looks either drunk or doped up and his incoherent mumblings and indifferent line readings just zap the movie of any energy.


The rest of the cast is given ridiculous dialogue that is mostly just indecipherable scientific gobbledygook.  Examples:  “Telemetry has been discontinued!”  “Duo-Tangents engaged!”  “Primary magnetic coils to absolute zero…NOW!”  There is one great line of dialogue though; spoken by the weasel scientist guy who mocks the mercenaries by saying, “What’s the matter, haven’t you vanquished the beast?”



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