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BRUNO (2009) ****

When Allen Funt invented Candid Camera I don’t think he had any idea that Sacha Baron Cohen would take the concept to such a raunchy degree.  As with his 2006 smash Borat, Cohen ambushes everyday people (and even a few celebrities too) by posing as a bizarre character and films their reactions.  This time, Cohen plays Bruno, a very, very, very gay host of an Austrian fashion television show.  His run-ins with the public are (in no particular order) gross, disgusting, lewd, outrageous, politically incorrect, shocking, and just downright WRONG.


In short, it’s fucking hilarious.


Cohen is a comic genius.  There is no two ways about it.  In Borat, you could see the seeds being planted.  With Bruno, Cohen makes good on his potential and proves that Borat was not a fluke.  In fact, I think Bruno is even funnier than Borat.  There is a major laugh in every single scene in the film.  How many comedies pull that off?


I would tell you about some of those scenes but I just can’t bring myself to spoil the film for you.  Part of the fun of Bruno is Cohen’s spontaneity.  His continuously clever off-the-cuff comebacks to his public’s befuddled reactions are what keeps the film’s premise from becoming stale or slow.  I guarantee you that you’ll be in a constant state of suspense just from wondering what Cohen will do next. 


The spontaneous nature of the film may diminish with repeated viewings (as with Borat) but since the jury is still out on that, Bruno gets ****.  It’s by far the best comedy of the year and also a contender for the best line of dialogue:  “I remember you; you tried to get my face pregnant!”


Bruno has enough belly laughs to land itself on the list for The Video Vacuum Top Ten Films of the Year at the Number 4 slot; placing it right below My Bloody Valentine 3-D and just above Taken.



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