The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

AIR FORCE ONE (1997) ***

A typical example of a well done popcorn movie.  Harrison Ford plays the President whose plane is hijacked by Russian terrorists led by Gary Oldman.  The President uses what little resources he has to fight the terrorists and save the day.  Okay, roll call of how many movies we’re ripping off here:  Die Hard, Executive Decision, Passenger 57, Clear and Present Danger, etc.  Though the premise is way unbelievable (C’mon, the President for God’s sakes!), but the film is packed with some good action, so you won’t notice how ridiculous it is.  And Ford’s line before he kills Oldman “Get off my plane!” has to be one of the worst one-liners in an action movie ever.  With Glen Close (as the Vice President!?!), Dean Stockwell (wants to shoot the plane down), Wendy Crewson (First Lady), and William H. Macy (pilot).

Tags: a, action

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