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The famous ad campaign for Last House on the Left (To Avoid Fainting Keep Repeating, It’s Only a Movie…) was reused to lure people into seeing this mess. In the opening scene, the inmates at a halfway house for psychos axe their doctor (a scene nearly duplicated in Friday the 13th Part V) and kill a nurse. When a pretty young R.N. comes to work there, she’s met with resistance by the head nurse. She works well with the nutzos nymphos and psychos, but when tongues get cut out, throats get ripped open and eyes get gouged out, she finally starts thinking something might be wrong. The inmate-is-running-the-asylum twist ending is pretty obvious from the get-go and the lackadaisical pacing and amateurish acting doesn’t do the movie any favors either. The murders are the only thing that temporarily relives the boredom, but even they are nothing to brag about. The end where the inmates hack their caretaker to death is pretty gruesome, but it’s too little too late. The end credits where the actor’s names appear over their dead bodies is a nice touch though. Director S.F. Brownrigg started out as an editor on Larry Buchanan movies.
Tags: d, horror
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