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Jack Lee must protect a secret book that Bruce Lee wrote so he gives it to his good friend Bruce Le for safe keeping.  There’s a dickhead dojo owner who wants to steal the book and he sends out a bunch of his bonehead buddies to beat up Jack.  For the most part, Jack is able to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.  That is until the end when the dastardly dojo owner shoots Jack in the back and steals the book.  This finally sets the stage for Bruce to use his Fist of Vengeance.


Bruce’s Fist of Vengeance is a virtual remake of They Call Him Bruce Lee.  It even features the same star (Jack Lee) and location (Manila).  It also steals music from other movies (most notably Diamonds Are Forever).  This one is slightly better than They Call Him Bruce Lee because the filmmakers gave Jack more to do this time out.


And I’ll tell ya, Jack Lee is kinda funny in this movie.  He gets a couple of humorous fight scenes including one part in which he teaches a bad dude a lesson by pulling his pants down in front of an entire karate school.  There’s also a funny bit where he fends off a bunch of assassins in his hotel room while getting dressed.  Granted, he’s no Jackie Chan or anything, but he’s (intentionally) funnier than most Bruce Lee imitators.


No matter how many things this flick had going for it, I still had one major beef:  The fight scenes.  Yeah, Jack had a couple nifty comical fights early on, but the more serious battles later in the film are either sped up way too fast or filmed in the slowest slow motion in history.  In one scene Bruce Le will be running around like The Monkees karate chopping people, then the next, he’ll be in such Super Slow Mo that it looks like he’s hardly even moving.  The fast motion scenes are particularly idiotic because they occur in the section of the film when Bruce is trying to avenge his friend’s death.  Nothing and I mean nothing ruins the mood of a good old fashioned vendetta than silly looking fast motion that makes you look like Benny Hill. 


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