The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


This Christmas themed slasher movie is a little different than the rest because instead of a killer dressed up as Santa butchering people, Santas are the ones getting murdered by a deranged maniac. Edmund (Pieces) Purdom directs and stars as a cop tracking down a murderer running loose in London butchering Santas. The boring police procedural stuff is made bearable by some great scenes of Santas getting murdered. Santas get killed by stabbing, spears through the back of the head, burning, gunshots to the face, eye gouging, meat cleaver, and a hilarious scene where a Santa gets slaughtered in a peep show booth. The best death scene is the castration of a urinating Santa! There’s also a sexy photo shoot and a seductive woman in a Santa suit who shows off her tits. Caroline (Maniac) Munro shows up long enough to sing and scream. It’s no Silent Night, Deadly Night, but you definitely won’t have a Blue Christmas watching this one.
Tags: d, horror, xmas
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