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Crazy Michael Gough runs a sanitarium out in the country where he gives dirty hippies lobotomies and turns them into somersaulting zombies that feel no pain.  He also has his chauffeur drive around in a James Bond style limo that has retractable blades that decapitates any unwanted loiterers on his property.  A long haired hippie shows up to Gough’s pad thinking he’s on a holiday getaway but really he’s the next potential patient.


Horror Hospital is one weirdo movie that is sometimes too moronic for its own good.  There’s plenty of bizarre shit going on in the flick but some of it is so flat out idiotic that it loses all credibility.  Like when the hero first walks into the Horror Hospital.  There are so many red flags that the Hospital is dangerous yet he ignores all of them.  First, he is shown to his room where the bed sheets are drenched in blood.  Does he get out of there?  No, he just asks for another room!  Then he completely disregards the fact that all the other “patients” are brain dead zombies with gigantic scars running down their foreheads.  After the part where he witnessed his travel agent getting decapitated AND STILL DIDN’T THINK TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE, I kinda stopped having fun.  The main character’s blatant stupidity ruined what could’ve been a rather enjoyable flick.


The movie at least has an awesome opening scene.  That’s when Gough’s limo cuts off the heads of two unsuspecting patients.  If the whole movie had been based around the Decapitation Mobile, we may have had a winner.


AKA:  Computer Killers.  AKA:  Doctor Bloodbath.

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