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A woman dies in the back of a taxi and leaves her purse inside the cab.  Since the handbag contains some incriminating evidence on a local crime family, the godfather offers up a big reward to whoever recovers it.  Shortly thereafter, a gang of punks (led by a young Jackie Chan) hassle the cab driver who says he’s never seen the purse.  They try to beat him up while the driver continues to maintain his innocence before the cops show up and scare the hoods away.  This scenario is basically repeated over and over again until the cabbie teams up with a foxy female police inspector to find the missing purse.


The Young Tiger is an OK Hong Kong crime movie.  The plot is predictable and much of the action is by the numbers.  The scenes where people have to talk to each other (in horribly dubbed English) are so bad though that when the mediocre Kung Fu sequences come around, you’re more than grateful. 


The only thing worth noting about the film is that Jackie Chan has an early atypical role as a bad guy.  Chan’s nice guy appeal doesn’t make him well suited to playing villains and in turn, he looks pretty uncomfortable as the heavy.  It’s definitely odd seeing him portraying a baddie (especially with that huge phony looking mole on his face) but it at least makes the otherwise forgettable movie at least partially memorable.


AKA:  Police Woman Against Jackie Chan.  AKA:  Rumble in Hong Kong.  AKA:  The Heroine.


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