The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

DOUBLE AGENT 73 (1974) *** ½

Chesty Morgan returns in Doris Wishman’s follow-up to Deadly Weapons. If that flick was Death Wish With Big Boobs, this one is James Bond With Big Boobs. This time, Chesty is a spy with a camera implanted in her breast. After she kills someone, she takes out her gigantic boob and squeezes it, and there is a shutter effect. The camera will also self destruct if she doesn’t complete her mission in time. She doesn’t smother anyone with her boobs this time, but she does use them to beat one guy up and puts chloroform on them to knock another guy out. Double Agent 73 isn’t as fun as Deadly Weapons, but it still has its moments. With the Wishman trademarks: lots of close-ups of feet, lots of bad dubbing and lots of big boobs. She even tosses in a Psycho shower scene rip-off for good measure. After this flick, Chesty parted company with Wishman and went on to work with Fellini!
Tags: action, cult, d, exploitation
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