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DNA (1997) **

Hmm… could this be another interchangeable mutant monster running amok in a science lab movie featuring constantly irritating POV camerawork? You don’t need a magic 8 ball to tell you otherwise.

Mark (Brotherhood of the Wolf) Dacascos stars as a third world doctor searching for a cure for cancer. Jurgen (House of the Dead) Prochnow plays a back stabbing pharmaceutical agent who shoots Dacascos and steals his work so he can mix the DNA from beetles with an ancient alien skeleton to create an alien monster.

Luckily Dacascos is the kind of third world doctor who can still kickbox his way out of danger after being shot point blank in the heart.

Years later Dacascos teams up with a CIA agent to track down Prochnow. When the monster gets loose in Prochnow’s jungle facility, they make an uneasy alliance to stop it.

Not only is the monster yet another knockoff to Giger’s Alien (it has a long cylindrical head) but it also apparently bought its camouflage from the same store that Predator shops and even borrows that movie’s climax as well. It's second rate in nearly every way, from the effects to the performances but the scene where the precocious brat gets fatally mauled by the creature is pretty tight. It ain’t much, but late night Sci-Fi Channel junkies will wanna get their fix.

AKA: Genetic Code.
Tags: action, d, mark dacascos, syfy
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