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Paul (AKA: Jacinto Molina) Naschy took a break from playing The Wolf Man long enough to star as Dracula in this pretty cool Spanish horror flick. When some stranded vactioners stay at Dracula’s castle he puts the bite on some sexy Spanish honeys. He falls in love with the sole virgin in the bunch and tries to use her blood to bring his dead daughter back to life. He also isn’t above staking other vampires who mess around with his private stock of vampire poon. Drac also buries an axe into some pesky burglar’s chest, a scene that is repeated several times during the opening credits. Dracula even ties up women and likes watching them while they are whipped. Eventually though to prove his love to his new bride he commits hari-kari with a stake and decomposes in the sunlight. Now that’s what I call devotion. Naschy (who also co-wrote the screenplay) is cool as always and there’s plenty of tits and neck nibbling to keep vampire fans happy.

AKA: Count Dracula’s Great Love. AKA: Vampire Playgirls. AKA: Dracula’s Virgin Lovers.
Tags: d, horror, vampires
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