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Dracula 2000 was a modest hit in theaters so Dimension filmed this and Part 3 back to back on the cheap and sent them straight to video. A group of college students finds Dracula’s body and run tests on him in an abandoned mansion. Craig (Nightbreed) Sheffer is a wheelchair bound professor and Jason London, Diane Neal and Brande Roderick are the students. Roy (Jaws) Scheider is the blind priest who sends out half vampire/half priest Jason Scott (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) Lee (who kills vampires with a whip) to destroy Dracula (Stephen Billington). As if vampires don’t have enough to worry about, the screenwriters throw in ridiculous new “rules” to follow, like vampires must untie knots and obsessively count everything. (I guess they don’t call him “The Count” for nothing.) In the end, Dracula miraculously changes form (i.e. another actor). It sure doesn’t make a lot of sense, but hey, it ain’t boring. Wes Craven produced.
Tags: d, horror, sequel, vampires
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