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AWAY WE GO (2009) * ½

My wife is nine months pregnant so she thought that renting this serio-comedy about a pair of clueless parents-to-be (John Kraskinski and Maya Rudolph) would be a good idea.  I thought the movie looked like total ass from the previews but being the dutiful husband I am, I agreed to watch it with her.  My gut instinct was right.  If there are any women reading this, you should know that my wife hated it too.


The premise of the movie is that the couple jet off to various cities to see which place would be best to raise their embryonic girl.  They run into their bizarre ass weirdo friends who are themselves parents that spout out crazy shit about their kids while the couple just kinda nods politely.  Eventually they learn that home is where the heart is… gag.


Just about everyone in this flick from Krasinski’s parents (Jeff Daniels and Catherine O’Hara) to his whacked out breastfeeding cousin (Maggie Gyllenhaal), says the most random, idiotic verbal diarrhea you’ve ever heard in your entire life.  It’s as if the screenwriters were all hopped up on Salvia-D when they wrote this moronic gibberish.  What pissed me off about this movie was that most of the harsh language was said in front of (or sometimes directed to) little kids.  For example, one woman constantly calls her overweight daughter a “dyke” and tells her to make a “butch face”.  How come someone didn’t get on the phone to Social Services ASAP?  Who talks like this in front of their kids?  Seriously? 


Director Sam Mendes used to make good movies like American Beauty and Road to Perdition.  I think it’s best for the civilized world if we never let Sam within a hundred yards of a movie camera ever again.  I will admit that the film gets better as it goes along (the further away the couple got from their family, the better it got) and the ending almost worked.  If only the first 75 minutes hadn’t been so grating, Away We Go may have had a chance. 

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