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An imprisoned soldier doing hard time gets pardoned so he can single-handedly take down a Hong Kong crime organization.  He also happens to be a Ninja and possesses the power to teleport himself at will.  The crime family has problems of its own and pretty much succeed in killing each other off by the time the Ninja finally shows up.


My suspicion is that Ninja Empire is really two unfinished movies edited into one.  You can tell because the Ninja never interacts with anyone in the crime family and is only featured in the beginning and end of the film.  Speaking of endings, Ninja Empire has one of the worse endings I’ve ever seen.  The Ninja shows up, rescues a girl, kicks a few guys, and then runs off.  The flick ends right then and there, mid-scene; almost as if they ran out of film or something.  I’m not complaining though because I don’t know how much more of the movie I could’ve watched without falling asleep.


Ninja Empire has little to recommend about it; save for the silly scenes where the Ninja disappears and reappears wearing camouflage Ninja pajamas.  Other than that, Ninja Empire is a complete turd.  Director Godfrey (Undefeatable) Ho directs the interchangeable “action sequences” stiffly; the lone exception being the fairly decent motorcycle chase.  The dialogue scenes are boring as fuck.  Imagine watching a complete stranger’s poorly filmed Bar Mitzvah video, and that should give you some idea of a how much fun the bulk of Ninja Empire is.  


AKA:  Ninja Phantom Heroes.

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