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DEADGIRL (2008) **

Two guys skip school and sneak into an abandoned mental institution where they party it up and break shit.  Bored, they mosey into the basement where they find a zombified girl (Jenny Spain) tied to a bed.  They proceed to repeatedly rape her.  Nobody’s going to care right?  She’s a zombie after all.  When more guys find out about their little undead fuck slut, things slowly start to get out of hand; especially when the chick gets loose.


There’s a great horror movie lurking somewhere in Deadgirl but the filmmakers kinda dropped the ball.  It’s easy to shock the audience with lots of graphic scenes of zombie rape.  The directors (Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel) do that really well.  Had they made the characters three-dimensional people that we could relate to, the film could have been really powerful.  Instead what we’re left with is a bunch of nihilism for nihilism’s sake.


I think the theme of the movie was supposed to be something along the lines of How Men See Women.  You know, they want a gal who will put out but is basically brain dead.  I think if this theme had been better fleshed out by screenwriter Trent (Citizen Toxie:  The Toxic Avenger 4) Haaga, Deadgirl may have actually had something important to say.  As it is, the flick is just too muddled, mean-spirited, and long-winded (over 100 minutes) to be effective.


I did like the bizarro scene where the one guy literally shit his guts out though.

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