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Anvil:  The Story of Anvil is just like This is Spinal Tap… except it’s a real documentary… and it isn’t very good.


Basically, Anvil was this heavy metal band that went on tour with Bon Jovi ONCE and thought they had a career.  For the next thirty years, they’ve been playing club dates to 14 people in skuzzy bars while eeking out a meager living in Canada.  Although a promising Eastern European tour goes nowhere (at one point they play in Transylvania), they remain optimistic.  After a lot of in-fighting, they cut a new album and eventually play a triumphant gig in Japan to a sold out crowd.


I thought this movie was a joke but apparently Anvil is a real band.  It’s hard to tell though when the director keeps making all these stupid Spinal Tap references.  Throughout the movie, Anvil visit Stonehenge, have a clueless female manager with a bad accent, and have speakers that go up to 11.  The drummer’s name is even Robb Reiner for Christ’s sake!


The big reason why I thought this was a mockumentary was that it’s called Anvil:  The Story of Anvil.  I guess the filmmakers were actually being serious when they named their movie that though.  Honestly, who calls their movie, Anvil:  The Story of Anvil?  That’s like Oliver Stone making JFK:  The Story of JFK.  Or watching a Kung Fu movie called Ricky:  The Story of Ricky.  It’s redundant as fuck. 


I think all of this may have been entertaining but none of the band members are really endearing.  While I admire their never-say-die spirit, they’re all just your average Canuck-leheads with bad hair, worse teeth and zero charisma.  Think of a heavy metal version of those dweebs from American Movie and that gives you a good idea of what to expect.  Lots of REAL rock stars like Slash and Scott Ian are seen talking about Anvil in the film’s early going and they’re quite interesting to listen to.  Maybe if the whole movie was about them TALKING about Anvil, it would’ve been good.


Save yourself 80 minutes and just watch Spinal Tap again.

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