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AMERICAN NINJA 5 (1993) **

David Bradley returns in this totally unrelated sequel in the American Ninja franchise.  He plays an American who happens to be a Ninja; other than that he’s a completely different character.  You can tell because he doesn’t have a mullet in this one.


Bradley is stuck babysitting a little punk (Lee Reyes) at the behest of his sensei (Mr. Miyagi himself, Pat Morita).  When his girlfriend gets kidnapped and is carted off to Venezuela, Bradley and the kid follow in hot pursuit.  Turns out, a nefarious villain wants the chick’s scientist papa to make a chemical weapon for an irate dictator and he’ll kill the dame if the doctor doesn’t cooperate.  Bradley and the little pipsqueak have to team up to Kung Fu a lot of color-coordinated Ninjas in order to save the day.


American Ninja 5 isn’t a bad movie per se, it’s just kinda flat and uninspired; especially when compared to the other films in the series.  The biggest problem I had is with the Ninja kid.  He gets annoying pretty quickly and the constant cutesy comic relief (Sample line of dialogue:  “All right dude… I mean… Master!”) makes this the Cop and a Half of Ninja movies.


The action sequences are slightly better than average and make up for a lot of the juvenile shenanigans.  Even though this flick isn’t really part of the American Ninja series (it was originally filmed under the title American Dragons), it still has all the arrow-catching, Ninja starring, nunchucking, and smoke bombing you’d come to expect from the franchise.  Bradley gives a competent performance and it’s always fun seeing Morita. 


AKA:  American Dragons.

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