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DRAG ME TO HELL (2009) *** ½

The Evil Dead movies were director Sam Raimi’s masterpieces.  Lately he’s gone all Hollywood on us with the Spider-Man series.  Drag Me to Hell is his attempt to get back to his horror roots.  It’s fun (and downright crazy in some parts) but one can only imagine how awesome the flick could’ve been if Raimi has his old set of balls and not went for the audience-friendly PG-13 rating. 


Christine (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer who denies an extension on a gypsy woman’s home, which sends the old bag into a tizzy.  The crone attacks Christine and places a curse on her so that in three days a bunch of demons will literally drag her to Hell.  Despite the protests of her incredulous boyfriend (Justin Long) Christine gets a psychic to help defend herself from the meddlesome Hellbeasts.


Drag Me to Hell is similar in spirit to the Evil Dead flicks.  It’s got tons of dizzying camerawork, floating possessed people, and scenes of old women going apeshit to occasionally bring up memories of those films.  There’s even an impressive geyser of blood in there too.  In addition, we also get a stapler to the eyeball, a ruler down the throat, maggot puking, embalming fluid puking, an extreme nosebleed, cat slaughtering, an arm down the throat, anvil to the head, an eyeball to the face, and cat puking.  Out of all the outrageous scenes, I have to say that the talking goat took the taco in terms of WTF-ness. 


Alas, the carnage is somewhat muted thanks to the PG-13 rating.  Raimi has made a safe horror movie for the masses instead of a blood-soaked epic for us gorehounds.  It’s still a heck of a lot of fun though, and I will give Raimi a lot of credit for delivering one heck of a killer ending.


As many good things I can say about this movie, I have to knock some points off for it’s gratuitous prejudiced portrayals of gypsies.  Being of gypsy blood (third-generation) I take particular offense to the gypsy woman being depicted as an evil old witch.  I can’t believe Raimi would do this because traditionally in horror films, it’s the gypsy who warns the hero of the supernatural curse (like in The Wolf Man) and not inflicts it.  My ancestors read fortunes and danced in caravans but they never once placed a death curse on someone.  As a charter member of GLAAD (The Gypsy Lady Alliance Against Defamation) and the NAAGP (The National Association for the Advancement of Gypsy People), as well as giving yearly donations to the United Gypsy College Fund, I must protest Raimi’s insensitive portrayal of my people.  Other than that; Drag Me to Hell pretty much rocks.

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