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The stars of Grease and Grease 2 finally star in the same movie!  No, I’m not talking about John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer; I’m talking about Jeff Conaway and Maxwell Caulfield baby!  They actually have no scenes together and Conaway dies in the first five minutes so forget I said anything okay?  Caulfield stars as “Nick Mancuso” (wait, he’s playing the guy from Stingray?), a prisoner at “New Alcatraz” on the Earth of the future.  Billy Dee Williams is the warden who recruits him and some other prisoners Dirty Dozen style for a rescue mission in space.  The convicts are given weekend passes in a fantasy chamber, and a holographic alien named Ariel (Lois and Clark’s Tracey Scoggins) seduces them and turns them against one another.  The fantasy sequences are the only redeeming thing about this mess.  There’s western, biker, and surfing fantasies as well as a black and white Casablanca scene (kinda like the Night of the Living Dead scene in Waxwork).  The rest of the movie is your (below) average claustrophobic guys running around in basements and warehouses that are supposed to represent spaceship interiors movie.  It does win points for terrible dialogue like “Say goodbye, dickhead!”, “I’m horny!”, and “I got a dick with a will of iron!” though.  Watching every scene that Williams is in, you can almost see him thinking, “Damn, The Empire Strikes Back was a long time ago!”  The scene where he begs Scoggins to love him before being shot and falling onto an electrified fence is especially depressing.  Producers Joseph Merhi and Richard Pepin also did Executive Target.

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