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Fred Williamson starred in many low budget Italian made action flicks throughout the 80’s.  This one is on the higher end of the totem pole.  It’s sorta like a cross between Delta Force and Death Wish, although that’s probably giving it too much credit.


Brett Clark retires from Delta Force so he can spend more time with his pregnant wife.  Predictably, she gets gunned down by Nicaraguan terrorists about five minutes into the flick.  They also steal a nuclear weapon and fly back to Nicaragua and threaten the US with it.  Clark re-opts with Delta Force, but not to stop the terrorists from blowing shit up; he just wants revenge.  When his superior (Bo Svenson) gives orders not to pursue the terrorists; Clark decides to hijack Fred Williamson’s plane and forces him to go on an unpaid vacation to Nicaragua.  Williamson says OK because if he didn’t then we wouldn’t have a movie.  Once in Nicaragua, the duo blow away lots and lots of terrorists and eventually save the day.


Delta Force Commando is a competent no-frills action flick that manages to hold your attention throughout most of it’s running time.  The flick contains plenty of scenes where Williamson and Clark gun down tons of bad guys and say funny shit afterwards.  (“Excuse me while I throw up!”)  It also happens to be just mean-spirited enough to make you go, “Damn!”  In addition to the gratuitous death of the pregnant wife, we also get a gnarly scene in which the villains put electrodes on Williamson’s gonads.  (“They hot wired my nuts!”)  We also get some rather hilarious 80’s fashions too.  (The main terrorist wears an acid-washed blazer with the sleeves rolled up and all the women sport humongous shoulder pads.)


What kinda sinks the film is the interchangeability of all the action scenes.  Clark busts down a door, shoots a bunch of dudes, and rescues Williamson.  Repeat.  Clark and Williamson get inside a car/bus/jet and chase the bad guys until one of them shoots a rocket launcher at our heroes and they have to jump out of the vehicle seconds before it explodes.  Repeat.  Plus, the ending is mostly a letdown.


Clark (“Nick the Dick” from Bachelor Party) makes for a bland lead but at least Williamson gets to do one or two little cool things.  I especially liked the scene where the screaming guy with a machete ran at Fred and he just nonchalantly shot him.  If The Hammer wasn’t reduced to playing second fiddle, we may have had a classic on our hands.  


Williamson and Svenson also starred in Inglorious Bastards together.

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