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SAW 6 (2009) **

<Special Note:  I got a bonus Horror Franchise Movie for ya’ll.  Enjoy…>


Here we are again.  It’s the weekend before Halloween and that means one thing:  Lionsgate must foist upon the world another Saw movie.  Frankly, the studio needs another Saw sequel more than the audience does by this point.  I have to say I admire their tenacity in rapidly releasing these films given the time constraints.


The plot of Saw 6 doesn’t really need to be discussed because they ran out of plot three sequels ago.  I will at least tell you one tweak in the formula that I quite enjoyed.  In Saw 6, all of Jigsaw’s victims are either mortgage lenders or insurance agents; i.e. people that you desperately want to see get eviscerated.  This time, you’re actually rooting for Old Jiggy to kill some folks instead of getting caught up in the usual will-they-or-won’t-they-escape suspense. 


Actually, the plot is pretty much the highpoint of the movie.  For one, things amazingly enough make sense this time out.  The flashbacks don’t seem as shoehorned in as they have been in previous entries and they flow rather nicely in between the murders.


It’s here where Saw 6 gets a little wobbly.  Most of Jigsaw’s traps are pretty weak and would seem more at home in a carnival than in a Saw movie.  Like the trap where the “hero” has to shotgun people revolving around on a carousel.  I half expected him to receive a stuffed Jigsaw doll after he completed that one.  Then there’s a particularly lame game where a chick trapped in a maze has to avoid scalding hot steam that intermittently shoots out from the walls.  I think this whole wait-until-the-steam-stops suspense was used in just about every Nintendo game ever invented so it seems weird to see it actually play out for real.


There are two particularly gruesome moments that are worth mentioning however.  The first is the opening scene where Jigsaw asks for a pound of flesh from two potential victims.  The first one that gets to a pound gets to live.  One guy is a real tubster and begins filleting his stomach.  The other broad is smart and just hacks off her arm and wins.  (See, doesn’t that sound like some demented carnival game?)  The other great scene is the finale where a guy gets acid injected into his waistline and his legs fall out from beneath him; spilling his guts every which way. 


If only the filmmakers had gotten as inventive with the gore as they did with the plot, we might have actually had a good Saw sequel on our hands.  There is at least one surprise cameo that makes up for a lot of the film’s shortcomings, proving that if Jigsaw can still appear in the series from beyond the grave, anyone can.  Oh and if you’re keeping score:  Saw 1 > 3 > 2 > 6 > 5 > 4.   

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