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TEENAGE TWINS (1976) *** ½

As I was preparing my Evil Dead review, I happened to do a search for other Necronomicon-related movies and found this 70’s XXX flick.  I had heard of the film before because it featured real life twins (Brooke and Taylor Young) having sex but I never knew it had a supernatural plot to it.  With a little more digging, I was able to find the movie itself online.  Turns out it made pretty good double feature with Sam Raimi’s classic.


The film's focus is mostly on a set of teenage twins (hence the title) who experience each other’s orgasms.  There is Hope (Brooke Young) who is the slutty one and the aptly named Prudence (Taylor Young), the virgin (although she does let people eat her out).  When their stepfather finds the Necronomicon, he reads about an incantation in the book that can stop the girl’s psychic connection.  All it takes is having an orgy inside of a pentagram.


The sex scenes are poorly shot and edited but they are more or less hot.  At least contain more variety than most pornos of the day.  There’s a scene where Prudence masturbates using the Bible, a girl-girl scene with the sisters in their bedroom (where a Mick Jagger poster is prominently displayed), two-girls-one-guy (mother and daughter no less), two-guys-one-girl, anal (“Oh no, not in my ass!”), and the gang bang at the end. 


What really makes Teenage Twins stand out is it’s mean attitude and surly demeanor.  When Hope finds her mother cheating on her stepfather she blackmails them into letting her join in.  (“I’m going to fuck your lover mother, and you’re going to watch!”)  Or when Hope chides her sister for being a prude and says, “Eat that trucker’s cum from my pussy!”  Dialogue like this more than makes up for Teenage Twins’ lack of polish.


Like in The Evil Dead, the Necronomicon is bound in human flesh but otherwise it looks like a textbook.  The book is mostly just an excuse to get people together in the living room to read it so they have sex on the sofa.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.


Brooke and Taylor aren’t much in the acting department because they constantly flub their lines.  Both of them however can fuck like bunnies.  The Young sisters seem to actually enjoy the fuckings they get, which is more than you can say for a lot of 70’s porn actresses.  The score is also better than your average porn because it incorporates big band sounds and synthesizers along with the usual wa-chic-a-wa-ka music.


Overall, you got lots of fucking, a short running time (67 minutes), incest, and a cameo by the Necronomicon.  How can you go wrong with that?  The Young sisters returned two years later in Double Your Pleasure.


AKA:  Teenage Tarts.  AKA:  Twin Tarts.  AKA:  Young Tarts.

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